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Language learning is not only about memorizing rules of grammar and spelling.

It's about getting to know the people and the culture behind the language.

It's about living the language.

Ready to break your language barrier?


Practice between 12 and 17 different languages with native speakers, in a fun, relaxing and multicultural atmosphere.

Every Saturday night in TLV, twice a month in Jerusalem. 

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The Language Immersion Course: An innovative 10-week intensive program to improve speaking in a foreign language while in a cultural immersion with native speakers. 

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Victoria Lilti, France

FluenTLV has helped me so much in learning Hebrew. It was an essential step of my "learning Hebrew process": this moment that I actually dared to speak instead of just listening. It is an amazing friendly and judgment-free environment, with great people from all over the world. 

Leo Weber, Germany

If you are searching for a fun and engaging way to learn a new language or practice your language skills with native speakers in an easy-going atmosphere, FluenTLV is the place to go! But it is not just that: FluenTLV is an amazing platform to meet and connect to people from Israel and around the world!

Annie Lashinsky, USA

FluenTLV is the perfect place to do what I would be doing anyway - drinking a beer - while also doing what I should be doing - practicing my Hebrew! It's a fun, relaxed way to work on languages, and a great place to meet like-minded people.. You get to practice languages in a setting where it's okay to mess up.


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