Willy Hayman (Founder & Director)- Born in southern Argentina and moved to Israel when he was 17, Willy knows what it is to be a "newcomer" and to not speak the native language of the country you move to. "This experience made me understand that everyone is capable of learning a foreign language and that the most important thing is just to gain self-confidence." Since then, Willy learns languages on a daily basis, it became his second passion (after Rugby). Having realized that knowing languages provides many opportunities, FluenTLV is Willy's way to provide the environment for others to build the confidence to improve speaking other languages and make cross-cultural friendships.

Jessica Tulchin (Founder & Director)- Born in the US, grew up in Belgium and moved to Israel when she was 18. Born into multiculturalism, Jess has a great passion for traveling, discovering cultures and connecting to different people through languages. "For me, learning a language is not just learning to speak. It is discovering a whole new world, a new culture, other ways of living and thinking. The beautiful thing about learning languages is that you suddenly step out of your comfort zone and you break into someone else's." Through FluenTLV, Jess hopes not only to help people improve in languages but also to create a setting in which people coming from different corners of the world, and who would normally have no reason to speak to each other, will meet up and cooperate.

Fabricio Scheinsohn (Co-Founder)- Born in Argentina and moved to Israel in 2002, Fabricio learned Hebrew from scratch and he now speaks it like his mother tongue. "Languages have today become the key to success not only in the professional world but also socially. Knowing a language enables you to build worldwide relationships, breaking down stereotypes and reaching across them to create new opportunities." Fabricio hopes FluenTLV will open people up to the rest of the world by bringing different cultures and languages together in a single and unique learning environment.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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