About the Events

How does it work?

The Language Tables

Every language has a specific table designated to its practicing. Just look for the table of the language you want to practice and start speaking!

The Ambassadors

They are volunteers who wish to share their knowledge of their native language with others. There always are between 2-6 ambassadors at every language table to help you practice!

The Color Bracelets

Every language has its own color as a sign of recognition, which helps you find native speakers in the language you are looking for by checking out the color of the bracelet they are wearing.

The Language Practicing Material

 We provide you with sentence cards and themed cards in different languages in order to improve the quality of learning.

The Fun, Social and Multicultural Experience

Every event hosts between 12 and 17 different languages & people from around 25 different nationalities.

Event Prices

Single Entrance with Soft Drink

Online: 40 NIS

At door: 50 NIS


Single Entrance with Beer/Wine

Online: 50 NIS

At door: 60 NIS

5 Entrance Frequent FluenTLVer Card

120 NIS

10 Entrance Frequent FluenTLVer Card


Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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